Bamboo For World

                          ... With Nature For Future

Bafow's team of experts work from growing Bamboo to Commercializing as an alternative rich timber sustainably.

Passion, Action, Noble Cause
Leads To Create History.

We are driven by our PASSION to increase the green cover in a way that is economically feasible. We take ACTION with a team of experts who handle everything from planting to the final product, while also educating the consumers. Our business is not only profitable, but also has a NOBLE CAUSE protecting the air, water, soil, reducing carbon emissions, promoting sustainable growth, and preventing deforestation.

Why Bamboo?

  • 35% More Oxygen

  • After 4 Years Can Be Harvested Every Year For 40 - 100 Years

  • Treated Bamboo Can Last For More Than 40 - 100 Years

  • Increasses Water Table

  • Increases Soil Fertility

  • Increases Green Cover

  • Renewable Fast Growing

  • Tensile Stronger Than Steel

Uses Of Bamboo